Bad WordPress! No!

Every time WordPress updates the CMS for my site, something breaks. Every. Single. Time. Today it’s the slideshow on my home page, and I’m seeing this at 5:45 a.m. and I have to get ready for work and have no time to fix it. Further, when I do have time to fix it, I’m going to have to reintroduce myself to code that I really haven’t touched in quite a while. It’s like returning to a foreign country after being away a while. Whatever familiarity you had with the language has atrophied and it takes some time before you start recognizing when people are talking about you while you’re in the room because they think you can’t follow what they’re saying.

So, apologies if you stopped by and my slide show isn’t working. There wasn’t a whole lot there, really, just the last 4-5 portfolio images I posted. I really need to redesign the whole site anyway. Perhaps this is the boot in the butt I need to start that process.