Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet 1.5

For their first anniversary, Clown Shoes Beer brewed an up-size version of their flagship black IPA, Hoppy Feet. The illustration for the Hoppy Feet 1.5 label shows our hero, still relaxing, feet up on the porch, but if you look closely, the sun has set, his pint is almost empty, and his Clown Shoes are 1.5 times bigger than they were on the original label. It’s a darker, more powerful image for a darker, more powerful beer.

Smiling Dog

Smiling Dog Pet Services of Connecticut is in the business of happy puppies. They offer both trained puppies for sale, as well as in-home training services for your dog. Their logo is animated without being a cartoon and is flexible enough to be used in print, web, and embroidered on wearables. It’s a good example of the benefits of working with a graphic designer who is also an illustrator.


In 2008, HiWired, Inc. had two related operations, the first, HiWired, (see preview version of this logo) was a consumer-facing computer technical support service that was offered remotely through the internet. The second, HiWired, Inc., was a B2B white label version of the same service offered through brand names such as Sony, Office Max, Comcast, etc. I was asked to take an earlier version of this logo, refine it, and develop it along with the rest of their corporate identity.

Clown Shoes Beer

The first rule of the Clown Shoes Beer brand is “no clowns, no circus.” And the second rule is that every label has a different and distinct illustration. The logo is the only reoccurring element and it had to be as bold, and as whimsical as the beer.

Sep-X and Sep-Y

Sep-X and Sep-Y are veterinary sex-selection kits for purposes of separating sperm into X chromosome-bearing and Y chromosome-bearing sperm for use in the field of artificial insemination of livestock. That’s right, I have designed logos for both beer and insemination products. I am the whole package.