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My name is Stacey George. I am a graphic designer, an illustrator, an amateur photographer and I play a mean ukulele. I have a son named Griffin and we live in Massachusetts with two cats named Tiki and Ollie. I was born in Canada, grew up in Massachusetts, got schooled at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Then I traveled around the country a little bit before moving back to my liberal wasteland home. I currently freelance for my own clients and through Aquent. Boston is a small town and I've worked for every industry imaginable, finance, healthcare, retail, publishing, biotech, entertainment, and education. I find that freelancing allows me variety, and flexibility, and constant challenge.

Clown Shoes Beer

The first rule of the Clown Shoes Beer brand is “no clowns, no circus.” And the second rule is that every label has a different and distinct illustration. The logo is the only reoccurring element and it had to be as bold, and as whimsical as the beer.

Sep-X and Sep-Y

Sep-X and Sep-Y are veterinary sex-selection kits for purposes of separating sperm into X chromosome-bearing and Y chromosome-bearing sperm for use in the field of artificial insemination of livestock. That’s right, I have designed logos for both beer and insemination products. I am the whole package.